My Book Ghostwriting Portfolio

I’ve been a full-time professional writer since 2006 and have completed hundreds of writing projects, including e-books, websites, direct response copywriting, email marketing, business plans, print ads, radio and TV ads, and more.

I’ve also ghostwritten, co-authored, authored, or substantially edited 29 books, including those shown below. Click the images to learn more about each book, and read what my clients say about me here.

*All books below are shown with the permission of the authors.

Books I’ve Ghostwritten

Additional Books I’ve Ghostwritten

I’ve also ghostwritten the following books, which have not been published yet:

  • Journey of the Soul: How to Discover Your Soul Purpose for Steve D’Annunzio
  • Who Made that Rule? Breaking Free from Mediocrity & Living Your Dream Life for Greg Fullerton
  • The 10 Keys To An Abundant Life for Garrett Gunderson
  • Creating Permanent Wealth for financial advisor Rob Segall
  • Igniting the Investment Revolution for entrepreneur & investor Mike Lathigee
  • Creating Epic Wealth by real estate investor Matt Theriault

Books I’ve Edited

Books I’ve Authored

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