Fired Up Dentistry: ATEteen Secrets to Building a Multi-Million-Dollar, Hassle-Free Practice was published by Clarke Sanders, the founder of Dental Practice Strategies, as a paperback in the fall of 2015.

Book Description:

Is your dental practice stagnant or floundering? Do you feel stuck, with no idea how to get to the next level? Or have you simply lost your passion for dentistry and feel like you’re just going through the motions to make a buck?It’s time to get fired up!

In 2001, Clarke Sanders was devastated when his dental office was destroyed by a fire. With nowhere else to go but up, Clarke scrambled to make the comeback of his life. Within two years after his office fire, he had built a million-dollar practice. Today, he owns and manages seven offices, which produce more than $19 million per year in collections.

In Fired-Up Dentistry, Clarke gives you an insider’s view of his journey and reveals exactly how he did it. He gives you a step-by-step guide of how you can do the same, regardless of your current situation, location, or challenges. You’ll learn his secrets of how to drastically reduce your hassle and stress and increase your profit while working fewer hours.

If you feel burned out by dentistry, Clarke will get you fired up. And your practice and your life will never be the same.