Carl Woolston was a previous business partner, and we co-authored Hub Mentality: Shifting from Business Transactions to Community Interaction for our marketing firm.

Book Description:

Hub Mentality helps you increase profits while decreasing your marketing budget, retain more customers, and multiply word-of-mouth referrals. The proprietary marketing methodology helps wise and nimble companies adapt to new marketplace realities.

Search engines, social media, blogs, TiVo, and other technologies have wrenched traditional marketing and advertising from their pedestal.

Big companies with thick wallets used to carry the balance of power in the marketplace. Now, consumers have the power at their fingertips.

New technologies give buyers more choice and make companies more transparent than ever before.

Today’s buyers are tired of being interrupted. They want factual, engaging, and relevant information. They value authenticity over appearances. They want to do business with companies they trust.

Hub Mentality harnesses and leverages technology to give consumers what they want and how they want it. It helps you cultivate authentic relationships with people who give you permission to market to them over time.

Embrace Hub Mentality to thrive in the Information Age.