Mindset Memos: Bite-Sized Biographies for Learning to Think Like a Leader was published by the LIFE Leadership company, which produces personal development and leadership content and training, in the fall of 2016. I worked closely with LIFE Leadership founder and bestelling author Chris Brady to ghostwrite the book.

Book Description:

When confronted with the success of others, in any field, one is quickly able to gather details of their achievements, such as the steps, the people, and the circumstances of what they did. What is harder to determine, however, is how they knew to do what they did.

Often when looking from the outside at the success of another, it is easy to conclude that the path to fame and fortune for them was clear-cut and obvious. But when attempting to look through their eyes instead, one sees a much more compelling perspective. Learning how they knew to do what they did that made them successful is what this book is all about.

In short, bite-sized biographies, the true stories of success in these pages are designed to give you insight into knowing what to do in your own life in order to bring about the success and significance you desire.