Reversing the Senses was published by business consultant and life coach Martin Hubbard in early 2014.

Book Description:

Have you reached a respectable level of business and financial success but feel a nagging sense that you’re still not good enough to sustain it? Do you appear self-assured to the world but secretly feel plagued by self-doubt? Have you hit ceilings that you can’t break through?

Welcome to the club. This book is for people like you: high achievers who want to feel better about what they’ve already accomplished while being empowered to accomplish even more.

You’re an ambitious, results-driven, no-excuses bottom-liner. You’ve climbed over or pushed your way through monumental barriers to get where you are. You accept nothing but the best in yourself and in others. You’ve earned your success. So why do you still feel insecure?

In striving to get to the next level, you studied the lives of other high achievers; you read all the cutting-edge business books in search of the next breakthrough strategy. But the answers and the reassurance you seek lie much closer to home; they lie within yourself.

This book teaches you how to access your inner resources consistently and powerfully. As you do so, you will learn how to expand your inner capacity to think and see clearly, maintain positive and optimistic thoughts, make wise decisions, and feel calm, peaceful, and confident regardless of what is happening in your external world.