The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth was published as a hardcover by Kris Krohn in 2010.

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Book Description:

Many investors have been devastated by and are fleeing from real estate in the worst market in living history.

Meanwhile, Kris Krohn and members of Strongbrook are basking in record profits.

Their secret? Strait Path real estate, which Kris created after analyzing and experiencing virtually every form of real estate investing.

The proprietary system incorporates the strengths and eliminates the flaws of all other strategies. It takes the least time, effort, and risk, creates the most value for society, and generates the greatest profits.

Best of all, the system is proven to work in every market, especially down markets.

In The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth, Kris explains the system in depth. He demonstrates why other strategies and systems fail and reveals how to escape their pitfalls.

He also exposes the flaws of America’s traditional retirement advice and products and offers a refreshing, practical, and safe alternative. His advice empowers you to move beyond simple education to actual implementation.

Read this book to learn why the next ten years could be the most profitable years of your life — regardless of economic conditions.