I provided developmental and substantive editing for The Coming Aristocracy by Oliver DeMille.

Read what Oliver says about working with me here.

Book Description:

America was built and became great on the backs of free and independent owners. If we are to become great again, two things must happen: 1) the owners must again lead, and 2) a significant number of citizens must again become owners. And the key to both of these is Leadership Education.

Together, these initiatives form the greatest freedom trend of our time: “mini-factories.” A mini-factory is “where you do something that has been done historically by institutions, but you do it just as well (or in a way that is preferable for some reason) on a smaller scale.”

Big, institutional, non-transparent, bureaucratic organizations are supporters of aristocracy. Freedom flourishes when the people are as independent, free, and as self-sufficient as possible.

Mini-factories are the fertilizer of freedom and the enemies of aristocracy. And The Coming Aristocracy gives you insight, knowledge, and motivation to lead the mini-factory freedom shift in your own life.