I ghostwrote The Trusted Advisor: Learn the Hidden Rules and Win the Game of Building Wealth for financial planner Rick Ray, which was published as a hardcover in the fall of 2014.

Read what Rick says about working with me here.

Book Description:

Suppose you were playing a game. You thought you understood the rules. Then, you discovered that your opponent was the one setting the rules, and there were hundreds of rules you didn’t know or understand. How likely would you be to win that game?

In many ways, this describes the financial services industry. You’re playing the game of wealth, doing everything you can to build, grow, and protect your wealth. But the financial institutions are the ones setting the rules, and they bury many of those rules in layers of fine print. Do you think any of those rules impact the outcome of the game for you?

You better believe they do. The only chance you have of winning this game is to understand the rules. But how can you understand them when there are so many and they are so complicated? You need a Trusted Advisor in your corner who knows the rules and who is your advocate.