Wavemakers: How Small Acts of Courage Can Change the World was published by the LIFE Leadership company, which produces personal development and leadership content and training. I worked closely with LIFE Leadership founder and bestelling author Chris Brady to write the book.

Book Description:

Throw a pebble into a pond and you’ll generate ripples cascading outward. This “ripple effect” illustrates how one individual in a sea of people can cause a disturbance and shake up the otherwise calm complacency of his or her environment.

All of us are capable of stimulating such disturbances. But every now and then, individual come along who don’t just cause ripples in the surfaces of our world but make huge waves instead. These waves are not mere disturbances. They represent permanent change. After such waves have passed, the pond or sea is never the same again.

Several such “Wavemakers” are showcased in this book. Coming from all walks of life, political affiliations, and worldviews, they each have in common the legacy of making waves so great that our world will be forever changed by their disturbances. There is much to learn from these people, and in these pages you will enjoy their stories and discover from their examples how to make waves of your own.