What My Book Ghostwriting Clients Say About Working With Me

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“Stephen has been more than a writer for me — he has been a partner. He captures my voice and puts it into writing in ways that I simply cannot.

“His gift has increased my productivity and saved me hundreds of hours, and without him our book probably would not have become a New York Times bestseller.

“In fact, I first contracted him as a ghostwriter, but he added so much original depth and insight that I made him a co-author.”

Garrett Gunderson

Founder, Wealth Factory

Kris Krohn

Founder, Limitless Breakthrough Seminars

“I am a very, very fussy customer and Stephen was amazing to work with. He usually takes a brief and writes the whole book, but I wanted to write a lot of it myself and I was very clear on my content.
“I needed a writing style supporter, an editor, researcher and writing partner to help my book become amazing. Stephen did a lot of heavy lifting by taking all my transcribed notes and putting them into a draft chapters, and then the writing really got intense between both of us.
“The end result of our writing partnership is that my book has been a top 10 bestselling book in Australia 6 months running, and I could not be more proud of the content.
“Stephen is a man of integrity and is insightful, wise, unbelievably well-read, a good man, and talented beyond belief. He just gets it. Stephen is absolutely amazing as both a writer and as a human being.”

Michael Bunting

Globally-Recognized Leader on Mindfulness and Leadership, The Mindful Leader

“Stephen Palmer is an extremely talented writer, able to comprehend general directions and implement them with satisfying specificity. In one project in which he and I worked together, Stephen was required to do significant research for each chapter. He did so accurately and expediently, producing the complete work in the time allotted and to my great satisfaction. Further, Stephen is open to constructive criticism and makes suggested changes without complaint or resistance — always a plus when working with a writer!

“I would strongly recommend Stephen for his writing services. My only hesitation in doing so is that he will get busy with other projects and have less time to work on mine!”

Chris Brady

Bestselling Author, Co-Founder, Life Leadership

“As an author, life success coach, husband and father, being organized and productively allocating time is a quality that is so essential to making my life work.

“My previous book took two years to write. Because of having Stephen Palmer in my life, this latest book was done in six months!

“Stephen is much more than just a ghostwriter or developmental editor. His creativity, wisdom and friendship helped to draw the very best out of me and write a far better book than I could have ever done alone. He made the process so enjoyable that I feel we not only wrote a world-changing book together, but that I’ve gained a new friend for life.

“I have already referred Stephen to several of my clients who are ecstatic with his work. If you want to get a guy to co-author your book who should eventually win a Pulitzer Prize — hire him now while he’s still affordable!”

Steve D'Annunzio

Founder, Mission-Driven Advisor

“I contracted Stephen Palmer to cobble together the manuscript on a project that was waiting for the final touches during a period of my life when I just couldn’t make the time. Stephen captured my voice and developed my ideas in a way I don’t trust any other editor or writer to do. He really gets inside my head, understands the depth I want to convey, and helps me clarify my thoughts.

“The end result of his substantial editing was a more well-organized, clear, concrete, polished, and powerful book than I could have produced on my own.

“Stephen is far more than a writer. He is a top-notch thinker, a dedicated learner, a sincere idealist, and a good man. This is precisely what makes him perfectly suited for writing and editing high-level, leadership-oriented content that challenges the status quo.

“If you’re a leader out to change the world with a book, don’t just grab any ghostwriter from a Google search. Hire Stephen, who thinks like you, shares your passion, and will take your ideas to the next level.”

Oliver DeMille

Author, Speaker, Educator, Thomas Jefferson Education

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Stephen. I was aware that our values and principles about leadership and freedom were aligned, but as a new writer I really didn’t know what to expect. I was looking forward to learning from him as he was highly recommended by some friends of mine who were New York Times bestselling authors.

“I was not only surprised but I was inspired in that it felt like our horses were hitched to the same wagon train with the horses were galloping full speed ahead. It seemed like once he knew what I wanted to accomplish, he quickly learned my style and complemented me greatly. I in turn learned his style and it seemed like we both amplified each other. It truly was a team effort and I’m grateful for the experience.”

George Guzzardo

Co-Founder, Life Leadership

“Working with Stephen exceeded all my expectations. My biggest concern was being able to deliver my son Cole’s story to a broad audience that would impact lives, as well as honor Cole. I had a concept, vision and many pages of notes. Stephen brought that vision to life and to a much broader audience than what I had ever envisioned possible, truly to a world-class level.

“I knew nothing about how to publish a book, design a cover, interior layout, find a printer, editing etc. Stephen shepherded the entire project, as sort of a general contractor if you will, with little required of me.

“Stephen was very easy to work with always keeping my goals and desires at the forefront. His professionalism, knowledge and initiative was terrific. He went above and beyond even after Cole’s book was completed. But I think what I appreciated most was his patience and understanding!

“The overall education I received about writing a book and completing the project to delivery through Stephen’s expertise has been a true life-changing accomplishment for me!”

Jim Philhower

Co-Founder, Life Leadership

“I believe it’s important to get experts to help us when we don’t have expertise in a particular area. I used Stephen to help me write my book and he was fantastic to work with and the book turned out just the way I had envisioned it.”

Rick Ray

President & CEO, Wealth Design Group

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Convinced that we’re a good fit? Apply now and I’ll take a look at your project.